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The Forms of Frank Gehry

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The beautiful is always strange. I do not mean to imply that it is voluntary, coldly extravagant, because in this case it would be a monster coming out of the tracks of life. I say it always has a bit of strangeness, which makes it particularly beautiful.” Charles Baudelaire

Laura Acosta’s graduate collection suggests the relationship of architect Frank Gehry and knitwear design. Exploring new shapes, and using various yarns and stitches, it brings new languages to the artisanal product. Wools of different densities, and knitwear structures of fine metal wires, nylon and viscose granted the brightness of metals to the clothes.

The color palette, feminine and bright, was based on the key colors of Gehry’s constructions. Different shades of blue, green and violet translated the lights and shadows of buildings made of glass and metal. The use of color, sometimes subtle, sometimes intense, fits the necessity of points of lightness and intensity throughout the collection, granting it with a more feminine and romantic look. Metallic fasteners and wood accessories complement the knitwear outfits, by either following the curves of clothing or opposing them with geometric cuts.


One comment on “The Forms of Frank Gehry

  1. Astrid A. O.
    October 31, 2012

    Me encanta to colection. Cada piesa muestra un significado y un valor unico. La historia del color, las diferentes puntadas, las extrovertidas lineas son hermosas!!! I want to see more of thissss….

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