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Havaianas | Special Collection

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Let’s talk flip-flops. I know that summer is coming to an end, but hey! After living in Brazil for 6 years I realized how chic and simple a pair of sling flip-flops with jeans and a t-shirt can be.

I’ve always found the best flip-flops sandals to be Brazilian, especially Havaianas, which as their logo says “Tudo mundo usa” – translates “everybody uses.” One can find them in all ranges of prices, and especially all ranges of embellishment, from customized colors and slim and thick thongs, to having graphic, tropical, animal inspired kinds of soleprints.

Right now, the highlights at their Havaiana’s flagship in Sao Paulo are their collaboration with Missoni, which as cute as they are wouldn’t be worth the price compared to the range of original prints from the current collection, or the newest SPECIAL COLLECTION.

This one really caught my eye, because of what it stands for – unique flip-flop sandals “Made by Brazilian Hands for Feet all over the World.” While not as full of imaginary in their soles, but mainly adopting graphic heritage motives, these sandals were inspired by Brazilian’s exuberance in nature and places like Maranhão and Rio de Janeiro. They embraced what they have best to offer in terms of artisanal cultures and their Portuguese heritage in simple, yet luxurious pieces. Swarovski crystals, and other details like metallic meshes were handsewn by artisans in Alagoa Noba, in the northeast of Brazil – see video.

The collection brings slim thong sandals in earthy and dark jewel tones, sometimes with prints that remind of Portuguese tiling, or applications of Buriti-straw crochet as a lateral bow that brings up the work of northeastern-based lace artisans.

They call them “Slim Geometric,” “Slim Nature” “High Straps Chain,” “Silm Leaves,” “Pearl Mesh,” “Slim Crystal Dragonfly” “Slim Crystal Hermony,” “Slim Hardware,” “Slim Crystal Glamour SW,” and “Slim Crystal Mesh SW II.” Perfect for a late summer, resort getaway.

Images courtesy of Havaianas and Laura Acosta.


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