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Inspiration – Fillmore’s Corner Boutique Store Nest

If you haven’t seen Joseph Cornell’s boxes from the previous post, click on, please! You’ll get into context.

Now, I’m no stranger to the amount of unique little stores scattered around San Francisco – The kind of overzealous places that you enter and feel like you are in a new perfect little world where you can find everything you ever needed or didn’t even know you wanted – scratch that, everything you ever wanted! BellJar and Gravel & Gold, are some of those, so is Nest.

This store is an actual nest of memorable objects mixed-and-matched that look like they come from all sorts of places, and make a seamless composition of romanticism and rustic ambiances – the perfect house, huh?


Nest stood in my mind after visiting the first time, because of their range of macaron-books (obsession) on shelf, but since lately I’m always on the look for some handmade designer/object that can tell a story, entering this store again felt like some sort of treasure, dreamy land.

As you enter, the first thing on sight is a bed, with specialty-made quilts, probably woodblock-printed in India, followed by an array of container products – woven boxes, and bags, all sort of decorative objects – animals – mirrors, and organic, hand-sewn clothing, and knitwear. Oh, and their selection of blankets and bedding doesn’t stay behind.

Nest’s focus might not be on handmade objects, per se, but the lifestyle it emanates is based on unique and memorable pieces, and let’s face it, most of those don’t come from Asian mass productions.

See for yourself, I’m sure Joseph Cornell is no stranger to the folks at Nest, as their store has put collages into a lifestyle motto.

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Photos by Laura Acosta

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