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BBC’s UK corporate charity and Fashion go along together in a project for British children in need.

Pudsey Launch at Selfridges

If there’s a thing called couture stuffed animals, it would be the Pudsey’s designer collection of bears. If you have been looking at some adorable stuffed bears from London’s elite fashion crowd, and feel like you would love to keep one for yourself, we are here to tell you the whole context on the 2012 Pudsey bears.

BBC – Children in Need, along with editor and stylist Katie Grand from LOVE magazine, launched a philanthropic project last year, in which 14 fashion houses deisgned their own 28” bears, according to their house DNA. The money raised from the project will go directly to disadvantaged children in the UK.

Last year, the designer Pudsey Collection raised about $80.000 dollars, and gained the recognition as one of the “Top 15 Fashion Moments of The Year.” It made the art of raising money for people in need a little more fun. It also becomes a creative challenge, or a creative holiday for designers – as they all make the same type product to be exposed and compared with one another; yet, the pressure is off.

After last year’s success, in 2012, 30 companies, such as Vogue UK, GQ, and many British and international fashion designers, created their own version of the Pudsey bear with a strap covering its right eye. Everything else, aside from the size and eye patch, was a free choice the fashion creators. Many of them explored the heritage and patterns from heir houses, while others made the coolest sports bear (Prada), or went crazy with embroidery crafts (Giles Deacon).


Giles Deacon

Pudsey bears were displayed at London’s Selfridges & Co, staring October 23rd, before making their way for auction at Christie’s. A mini version of ten Pudsey bear designs will also be available for purchase at Selfridges.

You can also donate money directly at

For now, indulge yourself with a sight of the most stylish and luxurious teddy bears, and a video of Mulberry’s craftsmanship of their brown suede bear. He carries a small version of the Bryn leather satchel, and has a leather heart attached to him.

Images via Designer Pudsey, Mulberry’s video

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