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Chanel Haute couture Spring 2013

Chanel Haute couture Spring 2013

We are lucky to see a lot of fashion as soon as the year begins. See, there’s passed no time since the pre-fall 2013 presentations, when it’s already time for the men’s wear fall shows and the Parisian Haute Couture fashion week. Who could complain? Nothing ever tops couture.
One of my product design instructors used to say that formula 1 is for the automobile industry what couture is for fashion – the best that fashion could ever expect to be, the best quality, and free will in the creative direction, as there is not such an immense crowd to please, and the possibilities are out of this world.
The allure of couture is undeniable. This season, it seamed like the motto that more is more was reigning among the top houses, at least when it comes to the embellishment of surfaces. One can never know deep enough the details of these wonderfully-worked pieces; not only are they beautiful on the outside, most interestingly, the inside is proof of the construction magic that goes on for months, and which is only worthy of real clients and top celebs.

Dior Haute Couture Spring 2013

Dior Haute Couture Spring 2013

This season, we got to see fairytale-like embroideries and beadings at Chanel, Dior, and Valentino – within the common ground of garden- and flower references. The look was bucolic, romantic, and very modern, and there were punk hints on Chanel’s makeup, and trouser suits at Dior, which had the tridimensional element of little flowers popping out. That’s how Raf Simmons minimalism looks like in French.
I  came across this couture video produced by Chanel, which will certainly ad to the wow factor for those who might dream of dark princess dresses, and incredible skirt suits, all with a touch of feathers and a touch of bling. As far as what the point of couture is, these pieces are the epitome of the DNA of such a prestigious group of high fashion houses. Here relies the style- and craftsmanship inspiration for the rest of us, non-celebrity or Russian clients, and that is enough.

Chanel Haute couture Spring 2013

Chanel Haute couture Spring 2013

So why not just paint them, and ground them in our memory? I hope you find these looks and the beauty memorable. Smudged raccoon eyes and feather headpieces – a DIY look worth experimenting with.

Illustrations by Laura Acosta


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